Aubergine (BDD for .net) v0.05 : text stories/html & custom output/cmdline parser

Again a new release !!

* The stories are now written in text-format; unrecognized beginning of lines are skipped/not processes; example data should begin with/be seperated by “|”.
* Commandline parser implemented with help

Edit 3 : v0.06 arrived

More info here !!


C:\Projecten\Be.Corebvba.Aubergine\Be.Corebvba.Aubergine.Examples\Lib>ConsoleRunner.exe /h
Aubergine Console Runner - Core bvba - Tom Janssens 2009

Usage :

ConsoleRunner [wildcard or filename for story file][…] [parameters]

Where parameters can be one of the following :

Output to html unordered lists

-fmthdr,-formatheader XXXX
Header to put before starting the children output; example “<ul>”

-fmt,-formatter XXXX
Named storyformatter; example “<li>{Type} {Description} <a href=‘#’ title=‘{StatusInfo}’>{StatusText}</a

-fmtftr,-formatfooter XXXX
Footer to put after ending the children output; example “</ul>”

Show the syntax of the commandline parameters

An example story :

Context    Be.Corebvba.Aubergine.Examples.Website.Contexts.BrowserContext
ContextDLL Be.Corebvba.Aubergine.Examples.DLL

Story Make sure my website gets enough visibility
    As a website owner
    I want to make sure that I get enough visibility
    So that I can get enough traffic

    Scenario Search results for keywords on searchengine should contain my url
        Given the current url is search url
        When searching for keywords
        Then the result should contain my url
        | searchengine | search url                     | keywords         | my url          |
        | google       | | BDD .Net         | |
        | bing         |  | core bvba tom    | |
        | bing         |  | Quantum physics  | |
        | faulty link  | http://www.googleaaa           | core bvba tom    | |

The code is still the same :

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Net;
using System.Web;
using Be.Corebvba.Aubergine.Model;

namespace Be.Corebvba.Aubergine.Examples.Website.Contexts
    public class BrowserContext
        public string Url { get; set; }
        public string Result { get; set; }

        private WebClient wc = new WebClient();
        [DSL(“the current url is (?<url>.)”)]
        void SetUrl(string url)
            Url = url;

        [DSL(“searching for (?<keywords>.
        void SearchForKeyWords(string keywords)
            Result = wc.DownloadString(Url + HttpUtility.UrlEncode(keywords));

        [DSL(“the result should contain (?<myurl>.)”)]
        bool ResultShouldContain(string myurl)
            return (Result??””).Contains(myurl);

And this is the resulting output (please try to hover over the implementation error of the “When” step with your mouse !!

Edit : apparently my blog engine team messes up the list layout !!! It are nested list items (although you can not see it here).

Processing file(s) : Website\Stories.txt

      • Story Make sure my website gets enough visibility IMPLEMENTATION ERROR
        • Scenario Search results for BDD .Net on google should contain OK
        • Scenario Search results for core bvba tom on bing should contain OK
        • Scenario Search results for Quantum physics on bing should contain NOK
        • Scenario Search results for core bvba tom on faulty link should contain IMPLEMENTATION ERROR
  • Processing file : C:\Projecten\Be.Corebvba.Aubergine\Be.Corebvba.Aubergine.Examples\bin\Release\Website\Stories\Make_sure_my_Website_gets_enough_traffic.txt

This is the postbuildstep now :

”$(ProjectDir)\lib\ConsoleRunner.exe” Accounts\Stories*.txt Website\Stories*.txt -html > ”$(TargetDir)output.html”
exit 0

Include all the stories/txt-file in your project with the option of “copy to output directory” = “always” on each file…

More details/a codeproject article update will follow later… (24,86 kb)

Edit 2 : Apparently the reference is wrong (rereference Be.corebvba.aubergine.dll under the lib folder)


Enjoy !!

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