Aestethics+ / SE P910i

I'm currently working on a new application for a plastic surgery clinic :  "Aestethics+".  More news about this when the specs/prototype is finished. I twill be compliant with the international standards...
A small screenshot of an early prototype (click to enlarge):

Also, in order to prevent forgetting appointements, tasks etc... I've acquired myself a new device called a P910i. It's a hybrid GSM/PDA, but in a reasonable form factor. It certainly has improved my life a lot. Unlike any other smartphones/pda's, this one has 3 input methods : a touchscreen, a (very small) keyboard, and a virtual (=onscreen) keyboard.

Syncronisation happens automagicly everythime I put the phone in the docking station, so I will not forget any appointements, mails, contacts or tasks..
I am currently looking for opportunities using this phone, so more news might be on the way
If you would like to have one too, please contact me...