Over a decade of consulting helped me to identify what I do best:

Strategic consultancy:

I convert your challenge - i.e. "what keeps you awake at night?" - into an actionable plan.

This challenge can be anything, but my best work involves IT/business/supplier/customer alignment.

I commit to tangible deliverables with discrete timelines.


Due to my diverse background in EA/DDD, organizations usually hire me for very diverse engagements. Some of their challenges:

  • Lack of trust between business and IT;
  • Our IT landscape is fragmented and/or outdated;
  • “Is (hyped) tech X something I should look in to?”, f.e. blockchain, machine learning, virtual reality, …
  • Lack of maturity in IT service/software development;
  • Projects going off-track for non-technical reasons.


Over the years, I helped organizations to:

  • Build an IT roadmap starting from their vision/mission;
  • Productize a service (portfolio) by turning it into a solution (portfolio);
  • Pragmatically adapt enterprise architecture, providing value from the start;
  • Design product/service/software solutions.


My clients where mostly large/corporate/governmental organizations in sectors like finance/energy (trading)/Aviation/IT services/…, although I have experience with some start-ups and high-end consultants as well.

You can check some of my refences via my LinkedIn profile.

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