Core - Past, current & future ; exit freelance consultancy, enter project & business development

Believe it or not : exit consultancy, enter projects & business development !!

After doing some consultancy I have decided to stop doing freelance consultancy, and start focussing on doing projects and business development again. Here is a little motivation :

The past & current: freelance consultancy

I have enjoyed working for these companies, and met a lot of new collegues and friends while doing freelance consultancy. I also learned a lot during past experiences.

But, from all these experiences, I especially learned that I am more suitable as a project/business developer; i.e. we develop a new product, or you tell me what your problem is, and we will implement a software solution for this.

The future: project and business development

Since I have recieved a few project requests from my business and friends network, and my contracted period finished at the end of this year, I decided not to sign for another year (my apologies to all my collegues @ EBL, I enjoyed working with you all).

My current prospects and customers are all part of my business and personal network, and for all currently planned projects our cooperation is based on past experiences, trust as well as commitment, which was all built up step by step in the past.

If you think we might create some added value together one way or another, do not hesitate to contact me.

I have also met a few people in my consultancy years with whom I would almost certainly like to 'do something' with in the (near) future. Some very early brainstorms allready led to some potentially great ideas, but a great idea is useless if you do not do anything with it. Probably more on this later on.

Also, based on my current workload, I am very interested in meeting people who would like to do some freelance .net software development for potential software projects. Please do note that I work on a task basis, i.e. "this is what I need, and this is what will pay for it". Some people might have problems with this, while others love to work like this.

My future office ;)