CRM day 2 : some general stuff

I have had some other things to do today, but I did find the time to read up on some of my rather basic & rusty knowledge (ASP.Net 2.0 / Atlas / ... )
I am hoping to put together the base classes this evening.

As a simple data mapper I will use ORM.Net because :

  • I am familiar with it
  • It works rather quick & correct for a data mapper
  • It is open source, so it could easily be adapted
  • It does the job for me
  • It implements a very nice query system

Some disadvantages :

  • .Net 1.1, not 2.0, so no generics/partial classes etc
  • Not a real ORM, only data mapper, but since one can define a 1:1 relation, ORM should be quite easy to implement
  • Currently only SQL Server is supported
  • Not a really active userbase

I will keep you all posted about my progress tonight !!!