Current progress

I am currently very very  busy (15h+ a day) developing several projects, including Aestethics+ and Fact+.

Since it's been a long time since I've posted any updates, I decided to make an effort today (although it's currently 1.00 AM already).

Aestethics+ is a program written especially for plastic surgery clinics to manage their patients, an it looks like this (Click on the screen shot for a bigger version) :

It has been developed in cooperation with a team of several plastic surgeons from a new plastic surgery clinic, so it is actually modeled according to the need of the surgeons.
The main advantages of this program are :
- Simplicity : the user interface has been re-engineered several times following the wishes of our team. Seeing it = using it, almost no training needed.
- Speed : a surgeon starts the application, sees it's own calender, and can click through on the appointments in order to see all of the patients data.
- Central patient repository : all the patient info is available on a single screen : an overview / medical history / (previous) treatments / calendar - appointments / Pictures or other files / Sent letters / Payments
- Schedules of other surgeons/operating rooms.
- Possibility to create letter templates
- Calendar drag-n-drop (like outlook)
- Many more ....

I must say it 's close to being implemented. (Current supported languages only include Dutch, but other languages are on their way)

Potential distributors please contact me...


Fact+ is a ticketing/point-of-sale/invoicing/stock management system, and will be initially distributed in Belgium by our new partner, named Sofliecom. It will be offered as a complete point-of-sale system, including hardware. Pricing on this package is set to be very competitive : this system offers all the things named above, this with a comparable price like those of a regular cash register.
Since the eye-candy on this application still needs a lot of work, I will not post any screen shots at this moment.

Now I'm off to bed :-)

Good Night !!!