February will be awesome

After chatting with a lot of friends yesterday, I realized: February will be awesome. Here’s why:

YOU are all awesome for helping me out!!

  • I get to finish the Erlang FoundationDB driver.
  • I have a friend with a well established email marketing business that is hiring me (again) for a couple of weeks to fix some really challenging issues in .Net.
  • I have another client is hiring me this month. When he hires me, it is usually to get them up to speed with new tech. In the past I have introduced them to TDD, BDD, DDD, continuous integration and dynamic cloud provisioning, just to name a few. They even sent me out to Italy once for a few days to evaluate the software architecture of an app they were considering to buy. I am eager to find out what it will be this time….
  • A lot of people in my personal and social network are reaching out and handing me work/opportunities; some on the short term, some on the long term, and some even permanent. They help me, and I can help them as well, so it’s a great feeling. I still have quite some leads up and running, and all thanks to you…

As you all know, I love challenges, so that’s why I am so excited. Know anyone that has trouble with software development? Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Team
    • Agile PM.
    • non-communicating or malfunctioning teams.
  • Software practices:
    • Functional and technical analysis .
    • Brownfield refactoring: how to convert legacy code into a proper code base (teach & do).
    • Best software practices (BDD/TDD/DDD/SOLID/…).
    • Software architecture (lots of knowledge on CQRS/ES).
    • Git(hub), feature branching and -toggles
    • Model storming: model your problem/solution space in a unique way, (combining ICT & business).
  • Languages:
    • Proficient: .Net (C#, VB.Net)
    • Intermediate: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Erlang, Elixir, C, CPP
    • Notions: Python, PHP, Haskell, Ruby, F#, GoLang, Bash
  • Platforms:
    • OS: Linux/Windows
    • Persistence: Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle/RavenDB/MongoDB/FoundationDB/MemCached/…
    • Cloud: Windows Azure/DigitalOcean/…

You can find even more info and references from my former projects at my LinkedIn profile.

Contact me today:

  • Call at +32 478 336 376 .
  • Mail at tom@corebvba.
  • Skype @ToJanss