Handle recruitment spam like a boss

As you all know, I am fed up with recruiters playing keyword lottery , and I did post how recruiters should act, but most of them still continue playing keyword lottery. Sometimes being polite does not work anymore, so I decided to fight fire with fire.

As most of the recruitment spam is automated, I decided to send an auto-reply with my rate and a link to my resume, mark the message as read and auto-archive it.

If you get labeled as recruitment spam, I send you an auto-reply

I do not mind recruiters sending me interesting opportunities, but I am a little bit fed up with all those ‘interesting opportunities’ which align with my profile like a cat matches the profile of a coast guard.

If you receive this mail, you are part of the happy few!! Congrats!!



As this mail is now in my mail templates, I might send it manually after reading your mail, so do not be offended if you get this message; you might not be part of the list.