iPhone thumb keyboard for windows mobile 5 / 6 : download available

I have a new version of the intelligent keyboard for Windows Mobile 5/6 available. In this version, I use a smaller dictionary (15000 english words), and I have improved the performance as well.

Currently the demo application supports :
- AZERTY, QWERTY & Number keyboard layouts
- tactile feedback (a sound gets played each time you press a button)
- intelligent word prediction (the words get chosen based on the position of the letters on the keyboard, so while you press 'I', the keyboard will also consider other letters like 'UOJKL', but they get a lower ranking.

In order to use it you need to have windows mobile 5 or 6, together with the .net compact framework version 2.0 installed. Simply unzip the zip file, and start the 'coreinput.exe' on your PDA.

Please let me know what you think about this, by providing comments. It seems like over a hundred people have downloaded it, but so far I only got 3 reactions from users on this forum.

Future improvements :
- Better performance
- Skinning support
- Integrating the contact's names in the dictionary, as well as other custom words.

You can download the latest version here :

coreInput1.zip (67,24 KB)

For further instructions I would like to refer to the related posts.