iPhone thumb keyboard input simulation for windows mobile 5 / download available

I have been extending my former iPhone UI input simulations further, and migrated the intelligent thumb keyboard part to windows mobile 6 :


Some examples of wrong keyboard input, while the expected result was still first match :

  • SURROGATE (input text : XUERMFSRE )
  • TWEAKER (input text : YSRALDR )

It does run on the emulator, but it seems to be a little slow. It would be interesting if YOU could test it yourself on a real windows mobile 5 device, and test the performance. Please download and test it yourself, and leave me a comment about it.

Since it is only a prototype, I am of course open to suggestions. Some things on my todo list :

  • Support for caps/non-letters
  • Convert it into a WM5 keyboard plugin
  • make it skinnable
  • support extra dictionaries
  • allow the user to add words.
  • SPEED & memory usage improvements (currently uses about 12,7MB, no idea about the speed)

The windows version of the former program has also been adapted and the gesture part has been improved :

You can now define if a mouse gesture has to be located in a certain place, and if the size of the gesture is important by clicking on it and modifying the parameters.



You can download the Windows Mobile 5 version here (just unzip and copy the exe to your device, and execute it from there):

Download for windows mobile 5 : coreInput.zip (253,25 KB)

The Windows Version can be found here (unzip & run)

Download for Windows PC : IphoneMockup12.zip (258,87 KB)

You require .Net 2.0 runtimes on both of the platforms to run the app.
If you want to you can also run the WM5 version from your pc too.


Some implementation details :

  • Knows +/- 75000 English words.
  • Uses a self-developped DAWG-like structure to reduce memory usage and improve performance.
  • Gesture system is still orientation dependent, but could be easily made oriëntation independent.
  • Currently the source code is written preferring clarity over speed & memory usage


And finally :

Please comment !! Give me your opinion, either good or bad !!!
Also not that the windows mobile version might take a little while to load.