It is official: on the second of May I will join the start-up Paycento

Finally !!

It has been a while since I blogged about my project #startup10, and there has been a reason for that... In the past months I have been talking quite a lot with a former colleague of mine, who co-founded a start-up, but on a whole different scale/level as my 2 utterly simple experiments.

After having to keep my mouth shut for over a month - which was, as for those of you who know me, quite hard -, I am finally allowed to tell the world I am joining the start-up .

Paycento ? WHUT ? What's that ?

As it has been covered by international press, I will not try to write up my own version of the story, so I will refer you to some of the online press coverage:

As you can see Paycento got a lot of global coverage, and as you might notice, we received some nice and utterly positive feedback...

[Our founder pitching Paycento for BAN Vlaanderen]

What is your role there ?

Simply put: all things software that are not front-end. Things will shape up as we progress, but as Paycento believes in the value of sharing knowledge, you can expect at least some blog posts about our experiences and findings. 

I am aware that this assignment will be a huge challenge, but I am looking forward to it.


What does that imply for your project #Startup10 ?

Since about a month ago project #startup10 has been put on temporary hold. I will still deliver the promised blog posts, but new startups will have to wait until a later/undetermined date. We are looking forward to sharing the Paycento experience with you !

Signing off,


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