Major update for MvcExtensions

It has been a while, but I finally managed to push a major upgrade to MvcExtensions; this is the change list:

    * Upgraded spark for MVC RC2
    + Extra string operators for MyText
    + Added abstract model for Joe Celko's NestedSet
    + Added Dynamic SQL (text sorts etc)
    + Added HttpContextBoundObject
    * Improved & extended FluentNhibernate/Database
    + Added Fluentnhibernate TextAlteration for mytext field length in db
    * Improved SetCultureLanguageAttribute
    + Added a class SetCultureHelper for temporary changing language
    + Added IEnumerableHelper extensions for Page & Paging
    + Added helper for building jQuery jqGrid models
    * Bugfixed MyTextModelBinder
    * Improved MvcExtensionsModule

This application framework has allready been used for 2 custom customer applications, and I have to say that it made my development quite successfull.

I have to admit that the documentation is still lacking a lot, but there is a sample project included.

As always, you can download the code here :


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