Mesothelioma and lawyers

Mesothelioma and lawyers ?

Google has been providing a tool to show the current rates for adsense words.
This is the top 10 of current pay-per-clicks :

 1  $54.33   mesothelioma lawyers   
 2  $47.79   what is mesothelioma   
 3  $47.72   peritoneal mesothelioma   
 4  $47.25   consolidate loans   
 5  $47.16   refinancing mortgage   
 6  $45.55   tax attorney   
 7  $41.22   mesothelioma  
 8  $38.86   car accident lawyer   
 9  $38.68   ameriquest mortgage  
 10 $38.03   mortgage refinance  

Source :

Since I am not a medically trained , I have absolutely no clue what this mesothelioma has to do with lawyers.
A quick look at wikipedia gave me a clue :

Mesothelioma is an uncommon form of cancer, usually associated with previous exposure to asbestos.

Given the huge claims one can make if someone gets cancer from living/working/spending time in a certain place, laywers seem to be smelling big money...

That might actually explain why they are providing so much funds for each click they get on their ads.

While lawyers allready have a bad reputation, this list is actually giving me some kind of proof to that some people being a lawyer are actually just in it for the money.

Here in Belgium we have a professional comite of laywers who would probably suspend their lawyership for a long time, since the people placing those adds aren't respecting the code; lawyers here have a certain status, and they are obliged to act to their status.

To me it seems that there are no limits anymore... What's next ?

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