New version of DasBlog with extra and jforsythe macros installed

As you might or might not have noticed, last weekend I upgraded to newtelligence DasBlog 1.9.7174.0 nightly build, and modified my layout a little bit.
I have also installed the Extra and jforsythe macro plug ins.

Some advantages :

  • Gravatar support (though it does not seem to work correctly yet)
  • Automatic spam comment filtering with AKSIMET 
  • Ability to track your comments with coComment
  • Show recent comments
  • Show related articles
  • Allow paging in category view
  • Show next and previous articles
  • Track back anti-spam verification
  • ... and much more

I have also made some modifications to the used templates/site layout.
The whole idea was to improve the usability/click through rate... Let us see if it helps..

Google ads are currently still disabled. This version of dasBlog also has a $w(Robots.txt)

For the dasBlog users: here are some of the macros used :

  • <%RelatedPostList%> 
  • <%PreviousLink("&laquo;&nbsp;",40)%>
  • <%NavigatorLinksList()|extra%>
  • <%RecentComments(5, 30, 20, 100, 12, true)

If you have any questions, just post them in the comment section.