observe, learn and be humble

Observations are useless without context. *

Understanding the the observer's POV, state of mind and past experience usually tends to shed a whole new light to observations… *

A.K.A. "Doing the thing right" versus "Doing the right thing" *

One always uses it's own background and experience as a point of reference do determine what matters in an observation. *

The fact that you yourself determine what to to measure during an "objective observation", makes it subjective by definition… *

One of my favorite fairy tales regarding observations that can be applied to business is "The emperor's new clothes". *

"The emperor's new clothes" is of all times: history repeats itself.*

  • The tulip mania
  • The railway mania
  • The Y2K problem
  • The internet bubble

Groucho Marx: Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies. *

I'd prefer to teach from life and dislike teach-only people; so does @worrydream: https://worrydream.com/SomeThoughtsOnTeaching/ ; I'd assume @nntaleb would agree. *

In my personal Utopia, teaching would not be a distinct profession, but part of your day job, i.e. teach one day in 10.*

Grasp the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition; people that focus on things that you don't care about usually have a deeper understanding.*