Presentation: CQRS 101 - All your BASE belong to us - on march 6th for

I am presenting for Visug on the 6th of march; it is a session about CQRS; here is the abstract:

CQRS 101 - All Your BASE Belong To Us

CQRS is a relatively new approach to software development in complex, distributed and/or asynchronous problem domains.

In the first part of this session, you will get a brief but pragmatic overview on the what, why and when using some examples. You will see how CQRS leverages BASE in CAP-theorem, and how this translates to the cloud. We will also touch some of the major advantages and disadvantages of this pattern, including applicability to TDD/BDD and NoSQL-like environments.

In the second part we will get our hands dirty by implementing some sample domain behavior, using one of the many possible CQRS approaches. You will see how CQRS really separates business logic from infrastructure, and that infrastructure in itself is practically interchangeable. Next to this you will also see how the combination with eventsourcing allows you to completely remodel historic data without a lot of effort.

Before the Q&A starts we will end with a small overview of the session, together with some practical tips on how you might use this approach today.

Unfortunately the session is sold out, but hey, if it is a success, I am confident more of them will follow...



The presentation is over; 45 people; a great crowd and lots of interaction....

While I covered quite a lot of ground, I think the biggest remark was to show more concrete examples; you can find the slides here

I published the (cleaned up and bugfixed) example sourcecode on github.

Feedback/tips/Remarks ? Please let me know your opinions in the comments, so I can improve it!


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