Project #Startup10: Working title - BIG

note: The source for this project is on Github; the following text is a copy of the file

Project #Startup10 - Startup #3 : Project Big

This is one of the projects of a bigger one: Project #StartUp10: Creating 10 Startups in one year.

The idea of project #3 was to create a platform to implement some really quick solutions for small problems. I would come to a customer, anayze the small issue in about 2-4 hours; implement it in the same timeframe, and by the end of the day the customer should have a working solution.

The solution implementation would have been lowcost, but there would be a small recurring fixed amount/month/user fee.


It is currently still completely running clientside, and is just a very simple concept

  • you have assets or code with a mime-type
  • interaction between code happens using events

The idea was to distribute these events to other clients and the server using signalr or something similar


Here is a simple example to prove the concept

code://Domain.Alerter - text/x-coffeescript

class Alerter

alertcount: 0

alert: (message) -> if (@alertcount < 5) emit ‘alerted’ message: message

handle ‘alerted’, (e) -> @alertcount+=1

code://Denormalizer.Invoice - text/x-coffeescript

handle 'alerted', (e) ->
  loader.modifyTable 'table://invoice/123', ->
    @A5 += 1
    @B5 = e.message
  alert (e.message)

code://Example - text/x-coffeescript


SUT = new Alerter() for i in [1..10] SUT.alert “Woohoo #{i}"

report "<h1>Done</h1>"

How does it work ?

First you need to add the code resources mentioned on top as well as a "Data resource" named "invoice/123"

Then you press "Run" on the example, et voila, everything should work/compile, and you should see the updates in the excel-like grid in green, and a "report" saying "Done"


As usual, you can find the demo over at Appharbor: here.

Why are you not persueing with this project/Startup ?

Every single person I mention this to does not "get it", so I consider this not the way to go... For now at least. Maybe I will continue with this later on, but for now, I consider this a failure.



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