Recruiter due diligence


We have an amazing opportunity for you:

We are looking for a senior recruitment supervisor manager leadership executive assistant helper.

You will get the responsibility to manage the international contacts and contracts with both potential employees and clients by working on their administration.

You will find and explore potential opportunities by several advanced and top of the notch techniques, including:

  • email
  • telephone
  • cellphone
  • Instant messaging
  • advanced automated mailing system
  • lean start-up
  • Delonghi Nespresso supervision


  • Advanced expert in Microsoft Outlook 97 Dutch SP1 and Exchange SBS small business server management.
  • Senior craftsman using Microsoft Word 2003, especially with mailmerge (version SP2) and setting hyperlinks in text
  • Vivid Powerpoint and designer skills (especially in presentations with a background color of #33F521)
  • Fluent in JSON webservices and RSS
  • 3 years+ of experience in using SelfDevelopedBehemoth 4.5
  • 4 years+ of experience with Samsung Galaxy S4
  • 5 years+ of experience using Aastra Ericsson MD Evolution MI XLI
  • 3 years+ of experience or equivalent on a monochrome 15'' LCD screen
  • 5 years+ of experience on a cherry AZERTY keyboard
  • 18+ years of experience with (manager and owner of at least 10 groups of over 10K members)
  • Preferably a recent (i.e. <2y old) MBA at one of the top 10 business schools.
  • At least 10 year of experience in making coffee
  • Experience in DevOps and DDD is considered a plus
  • Should be fluent in at least the following languages:
    • Dutch
    • French
    • English
    • Sanskrit
  • Should know the 72 questions to determine your MBTI type by heart.


We offer a competitive salary (i.e. +/- $BURGERFLIPPER_SALARY x 1.5) and a company car park free daily coffee pass. Next to this we will grant you a free phone and laptop with unlimited usage (1).

We offer flexible working hours (i.e. start between 7.00 and 7.15, stop between 19.00 and 19.10), and allow working from home as well (next to office hours, between 20.00 and 3.00).

Contact us now; we need to fill this position ASAP!

Kind regards,


(1) non-business-usage is allowed, but billed at 10 EUR/hour for the laptop and 2 EUR/minute for the cellphone.