#Startup: How #NancyFx, #SimpleData and #Scritchy provided me 16K Euro profit in the first month


It was hard keeping this a secret, but I finally can tell you now: I managed to build my very first relatively successful web app.

I built it using NancyFX, Simple.Data and Scritchy in about a month, and it generated 16K Euro during the first month it was in service. After all these non-profit and some other fruitless attempts these microframeworks helped me to push out an idea that has been lingering around in my head for a few months now.

In this post I will explain to you how I evolved a simple idea into a few K of cash within a timeframe of just 2 months...

Eat this @grumpydev !!! ;)

An explanation

For the people who wonder what this is all about: @grumpydev managed to trick me using this tweet: link .

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