Teaser on my upcoming mvcextensions project release

Hi there,

I am going to give you a quick teaser on how to setup a full asp.net mvc application with database & all the rest using my soon-to-be-updated MVCExtensions library.

Take the following steps :

  1. Create a new asp.net MVC project
  2. Add a reference to the MVCExtensions DLL and it's dependencies
  3. Create your model
  4. Create your database mappings
  5. Create your viewmodels
  6. Create your views
  7. Create your controller
  8. Create your custom childcontainer for the homecontroller
  9. Wire up everything in global.asax

That is all there is to it; you now have a fully functional ASP.Net MVC application that uses Castle.Windsor IOC/Automapper/Spark viewengine with al_a and al_form support !!!

I still have a few things to finish first (namely the string1024 and memofields need custom Modelbinders in order to mimic a string type), but as soon as I implemented those I can push everything to this github repository

Enjoy !!


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